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Capture inbound documents received through chat bots, API, email, fax etc., and interface with other applications


Distribute outbound documents to customers, suppliers, and other parties via chatbots, APIs, email, fax etc.


Recognize, enhance, and map documents between source and target formats based on business rules


Integrate and automate high value business processes between Systems of Engagement & Systems of Record


Implement human workflows to handle automation exceptions, review/approve documents and so on


Add Artificial Intelligence (AI) and conversational
capabilities to mundane processes to boost efficiency









Featured Process

A Simple, Cost-effective and Single Virtual Printer Solution for Local and Desktop Printing from Oracle EBS Cloud or On-Premises.

Local Printing from Oracle
E-Business Suite Cloud

  • Virtually Zero Printer Administration in Oracle Applications
  • Works with Cloud and On-Premises Deployments
  • No Special VPN/RDP Connections Required
  • Silent Printing without Popups or User Interruptions
  • Submit Requests from Anywhere (Slack/Facebook/Hangouts etc.)
  • Print Reports/Attachments in any Format (PDF/Excel/Word etc.)
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What our Clients Say

Distribution of documents through printing, emailing and faxing from our Oracle E-Business Suite is a key component of our Purchasing, Order Management and Shipping processes. AutoStream handles complex logic to generate, format and deliver documents to printers, suppliers and customers.- Greg Knisley, Regional IT Manager
We receive sales orders in multiple formats and via multiple channels from various retail stores across the globe. We used to spend a lot of time manually handling these orders. AutoStream automated the whole process with OCR/Barcode recognition and API Integration. Improved lead time in processing orders and improved customer satisfaction.- Carmel Hirth, Director, Information Technology
Majority of our key business processes between our Systems of Engagement (e.g. Handshake) and Systems of Record (e.g. Oracle ERP) have been automated using AutoStream. Our Finance, Operations and Sales departmental users are able to export, distribute and exchange business documents with our customers, suppliers and other partners quickly and easily.- Rebecca Giefer, COO, Modo Eyewear
Every month, we used to waste a lot of time manually consolidating, generating and formatting financial reports from our ERP system during month-end closing. AutoStream simplified the whole process by automatically generating ready-to-go reports and boosted the closing process.- Chuck Goodwin, Corporate Financial Systems Mgr
Generation of invoices, statements and other transactional reports in professional format and delivering them via print, fax and email is an important component of our daily processes. AutoStream helps our users by simplifying the process, eliminating manual effort and boosting productivity.- Rob Beech, DBA Manager, Deseret Book Company

Our Clients